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Nasr Mobtakeran was found in 1998 to offer the industry high quality equipment. Today, it is still independently owned and operated, and the emphasis is still on quality.

Nasr Mobtakeran begin in products and manufacturing carried out at the company's work shop and manufacturing equipment, including numerically controlled machines, operated by experienced personnel trained to meet the company's standards. Nasr Mobtakeran company has a completely open office and open shop policy. Customers are encouraged to visit our engineering office and seek "step ahead solution" in product design and manufacturing. 

Nasr Mobtakeran's innovative and practical approach is to design and manufactured to suit the customer requirements; this has established this company as a quality supplier of this type of equipments. All of our members are dedicated to providing you, our customer, the highest quality service and satisfaction in the industry.



Ebtekar 2 ST, Industrial No.3, Ahwaz, Iran


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